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Marketing platforms used with iADS NZ:
AdWords / Call Tracking / SEO / Website Design / Website Development /

Wilco came to i-ADS NZ in 2014 having used another agency to run their campaign which they felt had been inefficient.
In a collaborative discussion, Wilco clearly indicated they wanted greater volume of traffic and wanted to track the results.
i-ADS NZ set about eliminate the low converting areas of the campaign to ensure the real value was being achieved and there was no click wastage. Wilco have now achieved a 99% relevance for the campaign, that’s as good as a complete elimination of irrelevant keywords meaning every dollar is going exactly where it should be.
During this early stage an analysis of the website was conducted. 70% of traffic was being achieved via mobile search but the site wasn’t mobile responsive.
i-ADS NZ reskinned the site and set it mobile responsive.
The next stage was to create unique websites for niche markets including hot water & blocked drains which were set up with full tracking, SEO & AdWords.
Wilco Plumbing and Electrical continue to be a successful marketing client with i-ADS NZ as we continue to develop and refine the success of the campaigns.

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